What Sify provides

Managed services

Sify provides superior service delivery through its proven service delivery framework, in-house engineered tools and enterprise tools, automation tools and framework. Sify has delivery centers based out of Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata and field support engineers throughout India.

Sify offers managed and professional services across the following technology towers based on customer needs and requirements. What is the difference between Managed services and Professional services?

  • Core Infrastructure Management services
    1. Data Center facility management
    2. Server & storage /Backup hardware management
    3. Network LAN/WAN hardware management
    4. Security Appliances management
    5. Wireless hardware management
  • Platform Management services
    1. Operating System Management
      1. Intel Platforms
      2. Unix Platforms
    2. Virtualization Management
      1. Citrix, VMware, Xen, RHEV, Windows 2012, Hardware Virtualization
    3. Database Management
      1. Oracle, MSSQL, MySQL , PostgreSQL, BigData
    4. Web / Middleware
      1. IIS, Tomcat, Apache, Messaging Bus and Major Middlewares
    5. Infra Applications
      1. Messaging
      2. DHCP, DNS, Authentication Servers, etc.
    6. Security Applications
  • Software Management Services
    1. SAP application hosting and management
    2. Major CRM, ERP platforms

Professional Services


  • Cloud Advisory & Assessment services
  • Cloud Security Assessment and consultancy
  • Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning services
  • Infra Application Management services
  • Cloud Enablement services
  • Infrastructure Analysis and Cloud profiling
  • Platform Migration services
  • Infrastructure Consolidation
  • Data Centre Migration services
  • DR Centre Migration services
  • VDI Consulting
  • Total infra outsourcing


  • Analysis of current situation
  • Transformation possibility
  • Proof of Concept preparation
  • SOW Development
  • Transformation planning
  • Setup and deployment
  • Migration activities
  • Steady-State
  • Sign-off
  • Handover to on-going services
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